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Sunday, October 01, 2006

October 1, 2006

Fall, according to the calendar, starts on September 21st. On the meadow, however, fall starts when the aspen start turning color. This year the aspen started changing color on September 25th. In the past couple of days, several groves have, changed to completely golden yellow while other groves are still green.

Last week the daytime temperatures were up in the low 80's, while the nighttime low was only 38 degrees. Fall is just beginning.

The elk think it is fall. They are back in the meadow hanging around in the aspen groves. The best time to see them is at dusk and dawn. Evening is the best time to use the elk call and initiate a conversation. The elk "bugle" is more like a whistle. The bull elk does respond to any potential rivals using the elk call.


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