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Sunday, March 18, 2007


This past week the sunny, warm weather is melting the snow. Camas Creek is now flowing through the meadow. There is water flowing everywhere. The road to the cabin is open and clear.

The elk always show up in the meadow within a day or two of April 15th. We are starting to suspect that they wait to file their taxes before arriving at Camas Meadows. This picture is from 2005. The herd varies in size from year to year depending on the fall hunts. Last year was the last of the cow hunts so hopefully the numbers will start increasing once again.

Spring is a very special time at Camas Meadows. The elk are usually in the meadow. We have a pair of sandhill cranes that have visited every spring for four years. The coyotes return to the meadow to sing their songs late into the night. The wild turkeys follow the blooming wildlflowers up into the meadow. And if you're lucky you will catch our local bear lumbering across the meadow.

Camas Meadows was preserved by the state of Washington for the checker-mallow and delphinium plants. In addition, to these two endangered plants there are 135 species of wildflowers that bloom in the meadow. In a couple of days the Glacier Lilies and Spring Beauties should start appearing next to the melting snowbanks. The wildflower display is usually at peak color the middle of May. In early June the meadows namesake Camas turns the lower meadow into a sea of blue. By late June, the blooming fireweed signals the end of spring and the start of the summer season.

The weekend of May 18-20 is the Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest. The following web site has additional information on this event:

This is the perfect time of year to enjoy the birds as well as the wildflowers. Camas Meadows is a happening place in May!!

The Leavenworth Summer Theater season starts July 6th. The productions this year are the Will Rogers Follies, Camelot, and the Sound of Music. The Sound of Music is presented outdoors on the Wenatchee National Forest with the Cascades as a backdrop. A special musical presented in a very special spot. Book your tickets early as they go fast:

Watching an outdoor venue on a summer evening and driving back under the star-filled skies to Camas Meadows is a wonderful experience.

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