Camas Meadows

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Waiting for the Elk...........

Camas Meadows has special days that everyone anticipates with excitement. It is not quite the excitement of Christmas, but they are special nevertheless.

In spring, it is the first glimpse of the Glacier Lilies and then the return of the elk to the meadow. The Glacier Lilies have arrived and the elk will soon follow! This is a view of the elk from the deck of Camas Meadows Lodge. Early mornings and evenings are the best times to see the herd. They will be off in the distance, but the spotting scope at the lodge offers the opportunity to watch the herd up close and personal without disturbing them.

Just at daybreak and in early evening, the elk wander into the meadow to feed. In May, the newborn calves add to the scene as they frolic among the herd. Each spring we count the number of elk in the herd. The herd has slowly been dwindling in numbers from about 50 animals in the late 1990’s to about 25 animals today. On some early mornings the elk wander to within a couple of hundred feet of the back deck.

The wildflowers of April and May are phenomenal. The Spring Beauties and Glacier Lilies are here now. The Camas flowers will arrive the middle of May and the peak wildflower season soon follows.

Come experience the wonders of spring at Camas Meadows!

Make your reservations now to see the spring wildflowers and the elk herd. We are starting to get summer bookings, but still have openings in spring and summer. Experience the splendor. Reserve your special getaway now.