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Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Colors.......Sounds of the Elk

The days of summer appear to be coming to a close.  Fall at Camas is warm sunny days under blue skies with cool nights.  Frost is not uncommon in the morning. 

On the round the meadow morning hike you can see the start of the color change.  The entire aspen stand was green except for this one small branch.  The branch wanted you to know that fall is coming!

There are also other hints that fall is coming soon.  The most obvious is the elk herd and the coming challenge to the Bull Elk.  For now he is keeping a close eye on his harem as this picture clearly shows.

In the evenings, however, the sounds of the elk bugling means that the old Bull Elk will probably face another fall challenge.  That is still several weeks away so the Bull Elk can enjoy another few weeks of peaceful meadow life.

We are booked the last weekend in September.  The fall colors will start coming on quickly now.  Peak color should be the second or third weekend in October.  So book now for your fall spectacular stay at Camas Meadows.