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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring and Snow at Camas

 This is one of those special times at Camas Meadows.  We generally have warm sunny days and a well settled snow pack.  It is the start of spring in the mountains.  On those nights that the temperatures remain above freezing, snow continues to melt round the clock.  In a few short weeks it will be disappearing.

March skiing is one of the best times to explore the meadow.  The firm base of snow lets you ski around the meadow without following tracks.  One kick and the glide seems to go on forever.  The warm sunshine means sunglasses and sunscreen are required equipment.

Camas Creek is starting to show after its long winter slumber.  In a few weeks you will have to search out the snow bridges to cross from one side of the meadow to the other.

After you're done exploring the meadow, a warm fire and a glass of wine is a perfect finish to a perfect day.

The snow will be gone by the second week in April.  Then the elk will return to the meadow on April 15th, and hopefully, so will our pair of sandhill cranes.  The Glacier Lily's and Spring Beauties will appear as the snow melts.

May is a magical time at the meadow.  Wildflowers blooming everywhere and warm summer days with cool nights that call for a fireside chat with friends.  Book your spring stay at Camas Meadows soon. 


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