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Monday, April 23, 2007

April Showers Bring May Flowers

The brief April showers will soon bring the lavish displays of wildflowers in May. It has been a fairly dry spring so far, but we have had an occasional rain shower.

Camas Meadows has it's own private weather forecast.

Check the following link:

This forecast gives the expected weather and astronomical viewing conditions for the next three days specifically for Camas Meadows. It is a fun web site to explore especially if your interested in astronomy.

A brief note from our guests this past weekend:

"Delightful!........Crackling wood fire, so many stars at night, the elk that came in right on schedule and that rare commodity.....quiet. All while being pampered with the many thoughful touches you have put in place for your grateful guests. Thanks you for a wonderful weekend."

From guests in May, 2001.

"Our second visit to Camas Meadows Lodge and we love it just as much in spring as in winter. Lots of big yellow flowers blooming all around (Arrowleaf Balsamroot" according to the book), elk in the meadow and blue skies everyday..........

The picture on the previous entry shows the Arrowleaf bloom. Camas is a veryl special place, but especially so in May. Book now for those May wildflowers. The weather in eastern Washington is usually sunny, with maybe brief showers. So if you're tired of the rainy weather west of the Cascades, sunny skies are just a short trip across the mountains.

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