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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Peace and Quiet at Camas Meadows...

Peace and Quiet at Camas Meadows

At one time Camas Meadows was a happening place.   Fortunately, over a hundred years ago Camas Meadows started to receed in people's memories.  Today Camas is one of those special places where nature not man sets the pace for the today.

Not that there is not much going on at Camas Meadows.  Each day we look forward to the happenings of the elk herd.  You can just see the calves grow up day by day.

Last few years, we have had some California migrants spend the summer at Camas.   Yes, the Turkey Vultures have been spending their summer wheeling around in the sky at Camas.  We are not sure why they have moved up to Camas, but it appears that it might be more than people leaving California.

The cool springs have led to a butterfly explosion on the meadow.  Usually, we have had only one species is great abundance, but now it looks like there is more than one species in a population explosion.

Then there is the check to see what new wildflowers are blooming on the meadow.   Of course, at the same time we will need to check on the nesting blue birds and other avian species.

And at nightfall, the happenings continue as you can listen to the calls of the elk herd under a starry sky.

If you get the sense that there are not a lot of people running around Camas Meadows you are right.  Camas Meadows gets even slower on holiday weekends   The meadow is a place that you seek out, not a place the masses seek out.  On holiday weekends, the crowds, traffic, noise, and chaos is far from Camas Meadows.

You can spend your time watching the clouds change.  We do have books to read, mountain bikes to ride, and lounge chairs to nap.   Oh, and we are open for 4th of July weekend and Labor Day.


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