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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Colors in the fall....

The first hints of fall at Camas Meadows are the approaching clouds.  They generally end a string of clear blue sky days of summer.  At first, the clouds tend to disappear as night falls.  As the days grow shorter more and more clouds manage to cross across the Cascades.  This September, unlike last September, the clouds brought a couple of days of rain.  We could have used that rain last year.

The rain saturates the meadow and in the mornings we end up with fog making its appearance.  Fortunately, the fog just shows up at dawn and quickly makes an exit as the sun rises.

As the days grow shorter the nighttime temperatures slowly drop and the next fronts bring the appearance of "termination dust" on the high peaks.  Termination dust on the high peaks was always a sign that the Forest Service seasonal employment was coming to an end for another year.  For most of the population it meant that winter was on its way!

This time of year at Camas features blue sky, yellow aspens and western larch.  Warm days and cool nights that call for a fire in the wood stove.  Those blue sky days are perfect for walking around the meadow during the day.  This trip we did not see any elk, but that evening they reminded us by bugling the night away.

Fall at Camas Meadows.  It only comes once a year.


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