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Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Flowers and Almost All the Residents are back in the Meadow....

Spring Flowers and Almost All the Residents are back in the Meadow....

Come April we look forward to all the residents returning to Camas Meadows to enjoy the sunshine and warm days.  As you can see from the picture above the clouds at this time of year tend to stay on the Cascade crest and usually do not make it to the meadow.  So while it is snowing on Three Brothers Peak the weather is sunny at Camas Meadows.

The elk always return to the meadow on the 15th of April and this year proved no exception.  The current count according to our neighbors is 21 animals.  Their departure from the meadow on February 9th was the lastest we have seen, so it was a short stay at their winter home along the Columbia River.  We have not seen the entire herd, but here is a portion on the hike to around the meadow.

For some reason elk and deer do not mix well.  Once the elk show up on the meadow the deer tend to get scarce.  These two were on the west end of the meadow probably wondering where the elk were hanging out.

Soon it will be calving season for the elk.  This is the scene from last year with the calves romping on the meadow shortly after being born.

We are still have not seen the Sandhill Cranes this spring.  Hopefully, they are still enjoying the fine weather in Othello before coming up to Camas Meadows for their spring tryst.

The flowers never fail to make a showing at Camas Meadows.  The meadow is currently showing Glacier Lily's, Spring Beauties and Bluebells.  Within a couple of weeks the name sake Camas should be turning the meadow to a sea of blue.

We are booked May 2nd and 3rd, May 21st through the 26th,  May 31st, and June 12th through the 14th.

Don't miss all the residents of Camas Meadows wandering in the gardens of spring flowers.


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