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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fall Colors and Flirting with the Bull Elk

The colors are just starting to turn on the meadow. From here until the end of October the aspens and other trees and shrubs start turning red and yellow. They provide a dramatic foreground to the deep blue skies of autumn.

The elk herd is back in the meadow. During morning walks around the meadow you can hear the bugling and calling back and forth within the herd.

One evening at twilight, two cows appeared in the meadow. Shortly thereafter, they were followed by the Bull Elk. With our electronic elk call, I tried to “communicate” with the elk. I pressed the bugle button on the call. The Bull Elk continued grazing. Then I pressed the dominant bugle button on the call. Would this get his attention? He continued grazing.

It was time for a change in tactics. I pressed the lonesome cow button. Immediately, his head went up and he started looking around. After a few minutes, I tried the lonesome cow call again. The Bull Elk once again started looking around for the lonesome cow. Slowly, the herd moved off into the Aspen grove. However, as the 'ole boy moseyed along, he gazed fondly toward the house looking for that lonesome cow.

I guess when it comes to Bull Elk "pitching woo" is much more important than picking a fight.

Autumn is a special time is special at Camas. Come experience blue sunny skies set off by the yellow and red vegetation in the meadow. Temperatures are perfect. Daytime high's generally reach the mid-70’s while night temperatures drop into the 40’s.

Enjoy the warm temperatures during the day and sit by a cozy wood fire at night.

We are booked the next two weekends. After September 21st, we have openings for Autumn Leaf, Octoberfest and other upcoming festival events in Leavenworth. Reserve your mountain adventure today!


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