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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

White Spring.....update March 17th.

Usually about President's Day in February winter totally changes its character. This is our favorite time of winter. The days become warm and sunny though the nights are still cold. The powder snow is replaced by the corn snow of spring. Now you can ski in any direction from the lodge. The snow is firm enough that you do not have to follow ski tracks anymore. Snowshoeing is much easier as you do not sink into the snow.

As long as the nights stay above freezing the snowmelt is greatly slowed. However, once the night time temperatures get above freezing the melt becomes much more rapid. We still have about three feet of snow out on the meadow. On the south facing slopes we are down to a couple of feet. Even the songbirds have returned and you can hear their songs in the trees. I think there is more bird songs on the sunny days.

It is really more spring with snow than winter. Which is why maybe this season should be renamed White Spring. Bring clothes for layering as it can get warm out in the sunshine. You need to put on sunscreen since the reflection of the sun off the snow can over tan exposed skin. Laying on the LaFuma recliners in the sunshine can easily result in an unplanned nap!

It is a special time at Camas, but it is only around for about a month. The White Spring season will probably end sometime at the end of March. The days have been warm and sunny, but the nights have stayed below freezing slowing the snow melt. However, as you can tell by the photos portions of Camas Creek are now open in the meadow. Soon the stream will effectively split the meadow in two. The Forest Service 7200 road since it is north facing will hold the snow probably into April.

We have openings for the White Spring season. We are booked from March 27th through March 30th. So bring your sunscreen, skies or use our snowshoes for exploring the meadow. Enjoy the sunshine and the snow before it is gone for another year.


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