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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mornings are Priceless at Camas Meadows!

This past weekend the weather brought snow showers and unfortunately mostly cloudy weather. But given our easterly location clouds do not stay long at Camas Meadows. Tuesday morning dawned with fog in meadow, sunshine on Three Brothers, and blue sky above. On mornings like this it just gets better and better.

By the time the coffee was done and poured the fog had started its retreat. We could see the aspen grove in the middle of the meadow and now there was more blue sky visible.

Quickly by the second cup of coffee the fog was almost gone from the meadow and Tip Top could be seen with its trees covered in fresh snow.

Soon those magic moments of early morning were gone and so was the coffee. So we put on our cross-country skis and ventured out into the meadow and the sunshine.

All the pictures were taken from our deck. So you can experience the beauty of a Camas Meadows morning while lounging around in your pajamas! The warm cozy fire and the view make that coffee taste extra special.

It has been a mild winter with little snow after the snowstorms and cold of December. Spring is coming soon. If your looking for skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, building snowmen, or any other activity that requires that white stuff book your reservation soon.

The snow should be here for another two or three weeks, but with temperatures in the high 40's during the day and low 20's at night the snow is slowly retreating. As soon as our night time temperatures stay above freezing the snow will be going fast.


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