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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Wildflowers Coming Soon!!

The winters at Camas start with heavy snowfall and cold temperatures. They end with sunny, warm days. Today we went skiing on the meadow for the last time this season. The snow is rapidly melting. The road to the cabin is ready for travel, totally melted out and dried. The snow only lingers in the meadow and the north facing slopes.

It was great skiing in the warm sunshine. When you kick with the skis, the glide goes on forever. The mysterious ice sheets of Camas Meadows are still there and they came in handy for crossing Camas Creek as it flows through the meadow. The ski trip was followed by a glass of wine and a nap in the LaFuma recliners on the deck in the sunshine.

The first Glacier Lilies were spotted along Camas Creek road!. It will not be long until wildflower season is in full swing at the meadow. The elk herd, as always, is expected to show on April 15th. I must admit it is the only thing we look forward to on April 15! The forecast for the rest of the week is to be in the mid 70's, so the last reminder of the loooong winter will disappear this week as the snow retreats and the meadow greens for the arrival of the elk. Then the camas will appear and blue blossoms will cover the meadow to herald in the wildflower season in full glory.

April and May are the best times at Camas Meadows. The days are generally warm and sunny with cool nights. The elk herd is in the meadow and the birds and other wildlife are active as spring gets into full swing.

There is nothing like May flowers in eastern Washington. If you can only make one trip to Camas Meadows... May is the time to be here!! We are booked for Memorial Day weekend, but other weekends are still open including the romantic full moon weekend of May 9th.


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