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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

Both these pictures are taken from Lily Snode's homestead site. Until the early 1990's all of Camas Meadows was in private ownership. Lily's last will and testament assured that these lands would be preserved by specifying the property be sold to the Nature Conservancy. This later resulted in the establishment of Camas Meadows Natural Area Preserve by the State of Washington. Over the past 15 years additional acquired acreage put most of the meadow in public ownership. For more information on Camas Meadows Natural Area see the web address in the previous blog entry.

Lily's homestead is still a special spot, even though the cabin was removed shortly after purchase by the Conservancy. In spring, the domestic Iris flowers still bloom and are the only reminder that this spot was home to Lily.

The photos display this part of the meadow, which is a short five minute walk or ski from the lodge. Lily Snode's old homestead is a very special place within Camas Meadows.

The next three weekends are still open for reservation. Sorry, the mid-week special is taken for the week of Feb 5th and President's Day weekend is booked.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Saturday, January 13, 2007

This is the parking lot at the entrance to Camas Meadows Natural Area Preserve, one mile from Camas Meadows Lodge. As you can see the rain, wind, and snow had little effect on the snowpack. Most of the wind missed Camas Meadows. Wenatchee, less than 20 miles away, was hit hard. The rain helped settle the snow pack and create a solid base for snow sports. A couple of inches of cold snow followed and put a layer of powder on top of the base.

The stormy weather this winter delivered lots of snow and lots of sun. The fronts moving quickly through eastern Washington keeping the clouds on the move. Snowy, sunny winters are the best!

The past week has brought cold weather, with temperatures in the mid-20's during the day but dropping to below zero at night. The record low for this winter was Saturday morning at minus eight. Fortunately, our guests at the cabin had lived in Siberia so they thought the weather rather balmy.

The forecast is for continued clear skies with high's in the 20's and 30's dipping to the teens at night.

President's Day weekend is booked but other weekend days are open. The days are starting to get longer and should be getting significantly warmer over the next month.

For more information on Camas Meadows Natural Area Preserve see the Department of Natural Resources web site at

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