Camas Meadows

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Monday, June 11, 2007

More Wildflowers!!

An interesting week of weather at Camas Meadows. Mountain weather is always a surprise and this week verified that. The week started with hot weather and daytime temperatures reaching 90 degrees at Camas, and a record setting 97 degrees in Wenatchee. By Wednesday, the morning low was 32 degrees! Thankfully, the days stayed warm and sunny even if the early mornings were chilly. Saturday a weather front actually crossed the Cascades and we had a gentle rain for a couple of hours. Sunday morning, the ground moisture formed a misty fog in the meadow just at daybreak. The rest of the day was perfect for watching the mountain scenery and laying in the outdoor recliners.

Sunday morning the elk herd crossed the meadow in front of the house. A couple of bulls with racks in velvet, trailed by a cow elk. And rushing around from one end of the herd to the other were five newborn calves. You could just feel the excitement and energy level by watching the new born calves. The herd should be in the meadow for another couple of weeks. But with the warm weather of summer, they will be heading for higher country by late June.

The wildflowers continue to bloom. The memory of spring beauties and glacier lily's has almost faded. Currently the lupine are starting to take center stage as the yellow leaf balsam root begins to fade. The Camas bloom is also ending. The picture is a flower in the crepis genus. A nice walk around the meadow will show many varieties of wildflowers, with new varieties popping up every day. The flowers should continue to bloom for a several more weeks, but will slow down as more hot weather arrives along with summer.

We have booked the last weekend in June, 4th of July, July 21st weekend, and July 28th weekends. The week of August 5th is also booked. All other weekends and weekdays are still open. For those planning ahead Labor Day weekend is still open.