Camas Meadows

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Summer time and the living is easy......

The snow is rapidly melting from the Stuart Range. This is the first indication that summer is here. The meadow is still mostly green, but there are patches of brown starting to show as the grasses begin drying out.

New wildflowers are showing up as we move towards summer conditions in the meadow. The flower below is called Monkshood. A close look at the flower shows that the name was well chosen. A large number of these flowers are showing at the west end of the meadow where Camas Creek starts its steep journey down to Peshastin Creek.

Even after the wildflowers go to seed there is beauty still to be found. These seeds are just waiting for the breeze to freshen so they can "fly" over the meadow.

Summer on the meadow. Warm days with cool nights. The nights are filled with stars. This is the time to bring the telescope to the meadow to explore the night sky. August brings the Persid meteor showers. On the night of August 11-12th a streak of light can be seen about once a minute as the meteor stream encounters earth's atmosphere.

The elk herd was still in the meadow as of July 1st. However, with the warmer weather they will be heading for higher ground. Usually, they are back in the meadow for Labor Day weekend.

Reserve your time on the meadow. The recliners are out on the deck and the mountain bikes are ready for riding. Give us a call for current openings.