Camas Meadows

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Golden Days of Fall

The meadow has turned to a golden brown as fall rounds the corner. The meadow will soon be accented by the golden leaves of the aspen groves. Last year the aspen started turning color on the 23rd of September. This year the aspen are already beginning to turn. Our best guess is that the fall colors will peak on September 22th and continue through mid-October. As the aspen leaves fall, the larch begin showing rthe yellow-gold color that continues through autumn.

This morning on my walk to the church camp pond I saw the elk herd. Usually the bull elk is difficult to spot; but there he was in the middle of the herd. A few years ago the meadow residents petitioned and succeeded in making Camas Meadows a "no shooting" zone by Chelan County ordinance. Since the ordinance went into effect, the elk have stayed in the meadow through the fall.

Here is a guest's comments from Sepember 20, 2000. "Aspens are turning fast. Have seen a herd of deer(we suspect it was the elk herd) in the meadow--three bucks starting to lock horns. Never saw that in the wild before. A coyote wandering down the fence line hoping for a grouse or a hare before the snows. Mountain tops have snow now. Chipmunks and squirrels have started their hibernation; they are nowhere to be seen. Magic of nature manifest...........Quiet, peaceful, scenic. So easy to drive through the mountains without appreciating them or notice the flora and fauna embracing them. So nice to have found a place that melds so much, so well. I hope you, your neighbors, the State and the [Nature] Conservancy can keep this special place so special."

We call it Camas contentment....find out why Camas Meadows is such a special place.

The trails of Camas Meadows are beaconing hikers and other critters. There are also special events going on just 20 minutes away.

If you have kids, or just a kid at heart.....check out the award winning Salmon Festival in Leavenworth. The dates are September 20-23, 2007. Here is the website: It's free and offers a wonderful educational experience for all ages. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Everyone will have a great time!!

We are booked this weekend, but Salmonfest, Autumn Leaf and Octoberfest weekends are all open.

Fall at Camas offers sunny days and vibrant blue skies followed by crystal clear nights. Temperatures are in the 70's during the day, dropping to the 40's at night. It is a special time at the meadow. Don't miss it!