Camas Meadows

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Snow.....Blue Sky.....Snow.....Blue Sky.....More Snow!

With the LaNina settled in over the northwest the weather pattern at Camas Meadows is snow followed by sunny blue skies. We currently have well over three feet of snow in the meadow. If you look carefully at the fence posts in the distance, you can tell they are slowly being covered in powder snow.

Today was foggy in the Wenatchee valley, but Camas was above the fog. Then about noon the fog rolled to the edge of the meadow when this photo was taken. I thought that we were going to undergo a color change from blue to gray. However, in just five minutes the fog decided to retreat back down Camas Creek.

The clouds and the mountains make a wonderful view from the deck. However, out on the meadow the scenery is just as pretty, but at a much smaller scale.

Our next opening is President's Day weekend. We are booked February 18th through the 20th.
The National Weather Service is predicting more snow and sunny skies through March. With more than three feet of snow we expect skiing, sledding and all the other snow activities to continue through the middle of March.

Late February and early March is our favorite time of year for x-country skiing at the meadow. The snow has firmed up and you can easily ski in any direction from the house. The skies are generally sunny and the sun feels very warm. Come experience spring skiing at Camas Meadows.