Camas Meadows

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Monday, June 09, 2008

River of Wildflowers

When the Camas blooms the meadow turns into a river of wildflowers. This is the view from the south side of the meadow looking back towards the cabin. The Camas bulbs flower every year, but the best displays seem to occur in different parts of the meadow depending on moisture and sun. This is our favorite view of the Camas blooms this spring.

Not to be outdone, the arrowleaf and lupine also have a great show around the meadow. The Camas prefers the wetter, lower parts of the meadow. The lupine and arrowleaf prefer the drier upland slopes just above. They also like having the Ponderosa pine for their neighbors. Blue, yellow and purple are the most common colors on the meadow right now. However, orange and red color flowers are beginning the bloom cycle and will become the dominate colors as the summer moves in and the camas, lupine, and arrowleaf finish their displays.

Of course, the best way to explore the meadow is by hiking the old roads that surround the meadow. For those that are into rapid transit, the cabins four mountain bikes can shorten the trip if you can resist stopping to take pictures of the flowers.

Every spring is different on the meadow. So far, this year we have had cool, but sunny weather. It did rain for a couple of days last week and that seems to have quickened the wildflower displays.

We have plenty of openings for the remainder of June. July and August are starting to book, but there are openings still available. We also have a couple of bookings for September and October. Don't miss the summer and fall seasons at Camas!!

We are only two hours and about a hundred and twenty miles from the Puget Sound area. Less than a tank of gas away, but worlds away from the crowded city.