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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Nowhere else but Camas Meadows

Most visitors to Camas Meadows Natural Area Preserve are under the impression that the meadow was protected because of its natural beauty and mountain setting. The Nature Conservancy did buy the original land parcels under their "last best places" on earth. However, the land purchases were primarily to protect two endangered plants that live in Camas Meadows. The Wenatchee Mountain checker-mallow (Sidalcea oregana var. calva) and the Wenatchee larkspur (Delphinium viridescens) are the reason for the Natural Area designation.

The Preserve at Camas Meadows contains 75% of the global population of the Wenatchee Mountain checker-mallow and 40% of the Wenatchee larkspur. The are a few other nearby places that have smaller populations of these two plants, but Camas Meadows is their primary home.

For additional information on Camas Meadows Natural Area preserve:

This picture shows the checker-mallow (purple flower) with some of its close neighbors.

The Wenatchee larkspur is not quite as pretty and is not yet blooming. However, it definitely an interesting plant. It has its own beauty.

The Wenatchee Mountains checker-mallow is much more of a conventional wildflower.

The Camas bloom is over, but the checker-mallow and other wildflowers are now taking center stage as we move into summer.

We still have plenty of openings in July and August. For those looking forward to the fall colors they should be at their peak from mid-September through October. Labor Day weekend is still open.

Come and explore one of the "last best places on earth".