Camas Meadows

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November Storms visit Camas Meadows

The fall colors at Camas were literally blown away by the early November storms. Since Camas Meadows occupies the far eastern edge of the Cascade Mountains in north central Washington, we are mostly blessed with sunshine and blue skies. But come winter, the stronger weather fronts clear the crest of the Cascades and present a different view from the deck.

The blue skies may be missing for a short time, but the clouds swirling around the mountain peaks have a beauty of their own.

With the clouds came rain and then the first snow of the season. We awoke one morning to the following scene.

The snow quickly melted as the temperature rose above freezing. The forecast is for sunny skies and temperatures in the high 50's for this coming weekend. However, the meadow residents have been put on notice that winter will soon be coming to stay on the meadow.

Winter activities at Camas Meadows can start anywhere from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Last year we had 10 inches of snow at the end of Thanksgiving weekend which was followed by three feet of snow in one storm a week later. Those storms created wonderful snow conditions for skiing the entire month of December and beyond.

We are not sure what this winter will bring in terms of snow; but rain, shine or snow, Camas Meadows is always a special place to visit.

We are currently open for Thanksgiving weekend. We have all the kitchen stuff you need to prepare your Thanksgiving feast. We provide plenty of seasonal music, videos, and DVD's for your family to enjoy and since there is no TV reception at Camas Meadows those pesky football games will not interrupt your dinner.

We have plenty of openings this year, with some bookings already for December and January. Those important days of Christmas and New Year's are still open, but the days in between are now booked.

The Christmas Tree lighting weekends in Leavenworth are available.

So, come experience the premier high mountain meadow of the Washington Cascades this winter!