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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snow, Snow and More Snow!!!! Luckily, we plan for it in the Mountains

This is the view of the clearing on January 2nd. The forecast is for one more snowfall on Sunday.
Currently we have about three plus feet of snow in the meadow. Click on the photo to enlarge the view. You can see the fence posts in the distance getting "shorter and shorter".

This is a picture on December 10th. We had a glorious November and first of December at Camas Meadows. Temperatures were in the 50’s with blue skies and views of snow capped Three Brothers from the deck.

When we lived in the Rocky Mountains clear skies brought cold temperatures. In the Cascades, however, the daytime temperatures tend to be well above freezing. We get really spoiled with sunny, and relatively warm days in the middle of winter.

Well, somewhere around the middle of December, Camas Meadows started up with a Rocky Mountain weather pattern with lots of powder snow followed by sunny, but cold days and nights. On December 20th we hit the lowest temperature we have recorded in the eleven years we've been at Camas Meadows. The nighttime low was minus 16.1 F.

Fortunately, the Arctic air mass has moved east and the temperatures at Camas are back to seasonal norms. Our highs are in the thirties and the lows in the teens.

The abundant snowfall of the past three weeks has provided opportunities for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. A couple of our guests have taken great snowshoe hikes up the Yellow-Gate trail to view the Stuart Range and the meadow.

The forecast is for snow showers followed by blue skies. Be sure to bring the sun screen for the sunny days!

With the temperatures back to normal and the special magic of snow on the meadow we are starting to get inquiries for January and February. To make sure that you get to stay and experience Camas Meadows this winter call and make your reservation now.

Picture taken December 30th, 2008.