Camas Meadows

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

At Camas the Milky Way is not a candy bar.

It is starting to be summer at the meadow. The meadow is turning from green to brown. Three Brothers is rapidly losing its mantle of snow. Summer nights at the meadow turn into magic as the Milky Way pinwheels across the night sky. So if your child thinks the Milky Way is a candy bar rather than the home galaxy bring them to Camas Meadows. The summer nights feature meteors streaking across the sky. The Milky Way is all its glory as it stretches from horizon to horizon. Studies show that 75% of us live we the Milky Way is not visible. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of adults and children have never seen the Milky Way.

Bring your binoculars and telescopes to experience the night sky that can only be seen on a high mountain meadow on the east slopes of Cascades.

The warmer weather means the elk herd is so moving up the mountain side. They should be back in the meadow by September. As you drive the north side of the meadow there is an elk wallow a hundred yards below the road. It shows how close to the surface there is water in the meadow. It did not take long for the elk to find the spring and create a small pond that they can cool off and coat themselves with mud.

We are booked from July 20th through July 26th. We have openings from July 27th through August 2nd. Then we are once again booked from August 3rd through August 19th.

Labor Day and weekends in September and October are still open. Fall colors should be starting in late September peaking the middle of October. September and October are great times to be visiting Camas Meadows. The days are warm and sunny while the nights are cooler, but those starts are just a bright.

For those looking ahead to winter skiing and snow. Both Christmas and New Years are still open.