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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Making Memories at Camas Meadows

Update: September 28. The aspen as turning gold right now. Peak color season will be for the next three weeks. We are booked this weekend October 2nd. The remainder of the color season is still open. Book your golden memories of Camas Meadows soon!!

There are accommodations and then there are special places. Camas Meadow Lodge provides a place to rest, enjoy great meal with your favorite wine, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

The Aspen are just starting to turn color in the meadow. In a couple of weeks, the trees will be brilliant gold under a deep blue sky.

Come and listen to the elk bugling back and forth in the meadow throughout the night. There is a lot more bugling going on this fall. It looks like some of the young bulls are going to challenge the Old Bull Elk for the harem. The bugling has been mixed with the sound of the aspen branches cracking as the bulls bang their racks against the aspen trees.

Here is a picture of a young bull slowly skirting the harem. We are not sure if he is the one bellowing all night long. Probably not, since he is avoiding making eye contact with the old bull.

Everyone needs to create their own special memories. Come and find out if the old bull loses his harem this year, or if the young buck still has a lot to learn. We're rooting for him and took opening picture of him and his ladies so he can put it up on the wall of " the old elk's home" when the time comes.

These pictures was taken through the spotting scope from our deck at Camas Meadows.

We do not know when the elk herd will decide to move down to their winter range along the Columbia River, but they should be there for a few more weeks. The fall colors are just getting started and will continue through October. After the aspen, the larch will start changing color.

We are booked the weekend of September 17th and October 2nd. The other weekends are still open. For those planning farther ahead, Thanksgiving and all of the holiday season is open.

Book now so you can have your own special memories of fall in Camas Meadows.