Camas Meadows

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spring Time in January!

Right on cue, snow came for Christmas. Currently we are at about 75% of the normal snowpack for this time of year. Normally, at this time of year there are no grasses visible through the snow. We need one more snow to make the meadow a sea of white.

Our snowpack usually peaks the first week in February. It will be interesting to see if we catch up to normal later in January or February.

Today at Camas it felt like spring with the air temperature at 40 degrees. The warm weather has settled the snowpack and it is in good condition for skiing. All we need now is some powder snow on top of the pack for perfect conditions.

On those years with early springs, our ski and snow season ends in early March. A late spring can extend the season into the first week of April.

January is half gone and Camas is rented every weekend but the last weekend in January. February is open, including President's Day weekend. Book now before the snow and skiing becomes a memory, and you missed this year's opportunity!