Camas Meadows

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Long Spring at Camas Meadows

It has been a long, long spring at Camas.  In our thirty-two years of living in eastern Washington and north Idaho this has been one of the most cloudy and rainy springs in memory.  We have had spells of great weather, but after four or five days the rain and clouds would come back.  At Camas it feels more like late April than Memorial Day weekend.
As you can see by the picture the aspen have just broken bud and are leafing out.  The elk are back in the meadow.   The sandhill cranes have flown to raise their family.  
There are a couple of coyotees hanging around the meadow which probably means we will have a litter of pups here soon.  I hope this litter is musically talented.  We had a litter a few years back of tone deaf pups.  It was awful.  When "musically" talented coyotees howl at the moon it reminds you how special is Camas Meadows.

The color of the moment is yellow.  Arrowleaf is blooming.  The pussy paws, blue bells are already out but they are scattered compared to the Arrowleaf.

However on Friday we saw the first Camas flowers.  So in a week or two the meadow will once again turn into a sea of blue.  Each year the display varies and hopefully with all the moisture this years display should be special.

The lupine are waiting to their turn to bloom.  For a short period of time the meadow does turn purple and gold.  It has been an extended wildflower season.  With all the moisture the wildflower season might well extend into July.
The  butterfly folks are having their convention in Leavenworth in June, with field trips to Camas Meadows.  So if you like you colors in motion, rather than stationary we do have butterfly guide at the cabin.

We have had a busy May being booked every weekend.  We are currently booked through June 9th.  Then open except for the weekend of June 25th until July 8th.  That important 4th of July weekend is still open.  July is then booked from July 8th through July 19th.  Summer is coming soon.  Catch the wildflowers and then the lazy days of summer under a sky full of stars!