Camas Meadows

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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Long Spring continues at Camas Meadows

The long spring continues at Camas Meadows.  The weatherman says that we might be headed for summer in a week or two.  Of course, in a week or two we will be headed into July.  The June showers have kept the meadow green and the wildflowers blooming. 

The Camas is still blooming in the meadow as you can see by this picture taken this morning.  It is just past peak color so the Camas will be fading soon.  The lupine and Indian paintbrush is just starting to bloom to replace the Camas on the meadow.  With a 135 species of wildflowers growing at Camas Meadows it will be late July before the wildflowers start fading.

It appears that the Sandhill Cranes have flown off to raise their family.  However, the elk herd stays in the meadow throughout calving season.  Last night, we watched as the elk moved out from the aspen groves into the open meadow.  The calves were full of energy as they romped through the meadow.  As soon as they layed down they disappered from view.  When you see that in three months they will be approaching the adults in size that is a pretty impressive growth rate!

We are booked the weekend of June 25th, but are open from June 29th until July 8th.  That means the 4th of July weekend is open for some lucky group to book.  We are then booked from July 8th through July 20th. 

Summer will arrive astronomically on June 21st.  The weatherman assures us that summer weather will soon follow at Camas Meadows.