Camas Meadows

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer at Camas Meadows

The weather "man" was right!  The long spring is over and we have moved into summer at Camas Meadows.  The month of July has been warm and sunny with a bit more wind than usual.  Camas Meadows is at 3000 foot elevation, so temperatures tend to run 10 to 15 degrees cooler than Wenatchee.  The wildflower season has been extended by the long spring, but now the fireweed, checker-mallow, and astors are blooming and signify the wildflower season will be coming to a close.  This year we planted poppies in the deck tubs.  The poppies start blooming as the wildflowers are slowing down, extending the color at Camas for a couple of months. From the deck, there is still a bit of snow to be seen on the top of Three Brothers

Summer at Camas offers the best star filled nights.  August will bring meteor showers, slashing their way across the Milky Way and spanning the entire sky.  Some of our guests spend their nights sleeping on the deck where they can watch the sky and  fall asleep without moving!  Those LaFuma recliners come in handy for watching the night sky.

Summers will end in September and crisp nights and fall colors will soon abound.  It will be interesting to see if the wet spring results in a brillant display of fall colors.

We are booked the weekend of July 30th and the week of September 13th.  Labor Day is still open.  Book your star filled weekend in August or fall colors in September.