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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Fall is Almost Here!!

The clouds have finally crossed the Cascade crest and brought the first September rain to Camas Meadows. The skies are bluer and the stars much brighter after a rain.  Rain is the exception at Camas making it a refreshing change from all those sunny, warm days of summer!   Fall weather at Camas tends to be warm and sunny during the day with cool nights.

The elk are starting to bugle in the meadow.  The coyotes are still singing their songs.  The pace is starting to accelerate around the meadow as the residents start preparing for the winter season ahead.  However, first we have time to enjoy the fall colors.  The aspen start changing color about the third week in September.   With the wet spring the forecast is for great fall colors.  We shall see if the forecast comes true.  Here is a picture of the fall colors from 2008.

As you can see, that year one of the aspen groves decided to turn red rather than yellow.   We kept a close eye on this grove last year and it was back to a golden color.  This grove is just west of the pond.  We will watch  closely to see what aura develops in 2010.  Will it be gold or red?

This scene is familar to everyone that drives the road into the lodge.  But, have you ever stopped and hiked down to that bush in the middle of the meadow?

There is a surprise waiting for you when you go down to check it out. 

We are booked September 24th through the 27th and October 8th and 9th.  So book now to get the remaining fall color openings.

We are starting inquiries about the winter season so book you fall and winter holiday at Camas Meadows soon.