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Monday, October 18, 2010

Talking to the Elk

Spring took a long time leaving, so summer decided to hang around longer.  However, this week is looks like we finally fell into fall.  The red oak next to the deck is making a grand showing of being well red.  The aspen even dropped their yellow leaves early in shame in comparison to the red oak.  However, the poppies we planted this spring are just going ahead and blooming right through fall.  So the deck is all gold and red.  
The late summer has meant that Three Brothers Mountain is still bare of snow.  Hopefully, soon the Enchantments and Three Brothers will sprout a fresh topping of white.  

It has been an active year for the elk in the meadow.  One of our recent guests was using the elk call.  He commented that he was not sure if it was the elk answering him or one of our neighbors.  Well, our neighbors would never pull a stunt like that.  Besides, the bull elk always responds to the lonesome cow call.  Warning, you might want to use this call judiciously so your not surprised by an elk bounding up the steps to the deck.

Looks like this guy was wandering the entire meadow looking for that lonesome cow.

We are booked Thanksgiving  weekend (November 26th-28th) and Christmas (December 24-27).  All other dates are open for that special visit to Camas Meadows Natural Area Preserve.