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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Larch, Blue Skies and Snow on the Mountain Top

The aspen lost their leaves early this fall, but the larch are making up for it.  Even with the recent rain, the larch have kept their yellow needles on the trees.  This, plus the blue skies and fresh snow on Three Brothers Mountain, has made for some picture perfect days at Camas.   There is even one lonely poppy insisting on blooming this month. 

We always enjoy this quiet time on the meadow.  Yes, the coyotes are still hanging around,  but the elk are ready to make their trip to their winter range at West Bar.  We are looking forward to their return next April along with the Sandhill Cranes.  The birds are fewer in number, as many have decided to turn into snow birds and head south.  However, yesterday as we walked the meadow route, a crow followed us around squawking and generally raising a ruckus.  We are not sure what his issue was with our hike.

Ziggy joined us for the walk around the meadow.  But Ziggy is getting on in years and he was happy to get home and his place by the fire.  Ziggy always enjoyed the snow and hopefully he will again this year despite his advanced years.

It is now cold enough to snow at the meadow.  The next few fronts coming through will bring snow.  We have had some very large snow events in late November and early December.  We are never sure when the first good snow will come and stick, but it always does prior to Christmas. 

We are booked Thanksgiving weekend, though the holiday itself is open.  We are also currently booked from December 24th through December 27th and December 31st through January 2nd.

Book your fall/winter stay at Camas.  Keep checking the blog for the first snowfall of the season.  Last winter we had outstanding cross-country skiing in December under sunny blue skies.