Camas Meadows

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

End of Spring.....start of Summer

End of Spring......start of Summer.

Spring at Camas Meadows is wildflowers and green grasses in the meadow.   The Camas and other spring wildflowers slowly give way to the wildflowers of summer.  You can see the brown of the Camas plants.  Soon the entire meadow will be a golden brown.

However, the wildflower that announces summer at Camas Meadow is the fireweed.  When the fire weed blooms it really does mean that summer has arrived at Camas.

And with summer it means the night sky is ready with the fireworks of the Perseids meteor shower peaks on the night of August 11-12.   However, the night sky of late July and August is filled with meteor's.   The Milky Way arches over the  house down to the horizon in the south.

The summer nights are something special at Camas.  The days are warm and sunny and just perfect for barbeques.

We have openings in August and September is pretty much open.  If your looking for a quiet Labor Day weekend Camas is the spot for you.  The weekend is still available.

Here is the perfect setup for naps or viewing the meteors race across the summer sky.  There are plenty of LaFuma recliners for everybody!