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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The first snows of winter were very welcomed this year.  The Wenatchee Complex of fires that started on September 8th came close to Camas Meadows this fall.  The Department of Natural Resources said that they wanted to try a prescribed fire on the meadow this fall, but I am sure this is what they had in mind.

On September 8th we went up to Camas to prepare the house for winter.  Now on a forest fire a long time ago I remember a NOAA weatherman confidently predicting that the LAST day for widespread lightning in eastern Washington is September 8th.  After the 8th the sun angle is too low to provide enough heating for widespread lighting fronts.  So on September 8th morning we stacked all our winter wood against the house so people did not have to walk in the snow this winter.  AND on September 8th evening we had the widespread lightning event.

Well, here is the link to the complete story.  Wenatchee Complex Story.

Pictures from the meadow can be found here:  Poison Fire Photos  AND here: Camas Photo's.

The fire never did reach the meadow or the homes in the area.  We did get several new "bike" trails from firelines that leave Inspiration Point to the southeast.   Several meadow residents have been riding these new trails already so come spring there will be some new mountain biking trails in the Camas Area.

Fire on the east slopes of the Cascades is a ecological necessity to maintain the open pine stand ecosystems.  As much as I like those open pine stands it does take the beauty of fall whenever fire

Winter and more snow is in the forecast.  We are not sure what type of winter we will have up at Camas Meadows, but we are very confident that there will be snow for most of it.

This California poppy is hold out until the last possible moment.  Don't you wait too long for your Camas Meadows adventure.