Camas Meadows

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flowers Blooming on the Meadow

The flowers start blooming as soon as the snow melts and the meadow greens up.  The wildflowers cycle through July with the peak display happening right now in early June.

The elk have returned to the meadow.  The count from a neighbor was 17.  So it has been a tough winter for the elk.  The elk have been hanging out at the wallow.   Mud baths not just for humans.

The surprise this year once again was the return of the Sandhill Cranes.  Or I should say the Sandhill Crane.  I have seen only one bird this spring.  Not sure if the other is nesting.  It was nice to watch the Crane spiral down to the meadow and start feeding.  You can see all the Camas blooming in the meadow behind the bird.

From the deck the view of snow-covered Three Brothers is set-off from the Icelandic Poppies blooming on the deck.

Wildflower season on the meadow.  There is nothing else like it.